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Learn about Website Project Timeline & Estimates. Plan out the commissioning of your web project by understanding the development timeline and the costs.


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I am an Artist SVG + PNG Digital Download

I am an Artist SVG + PNG Digital Downloadable file. Print this design on a T-shirt and gift it to your artist friend. He/she will love it.

Marriage Invitation Design Service

Your wedding invitation should be as beautiful as everything else in your wedding.

Birthday Invitation Design Service

Your Birthday Invitation should be as beautiful as the party you have organized.

Restaurant Menu Design Service

Make your restaurant's menu design as delicious as your recipes and instantly increase the perceived value of your service.

Google My Business Services

Get your business on Google. Attract more customers & drive more results for your business.

Transparent PNG Stamp Digital Asset

Get yourself a Transparent PNG Stamp Digital Asset for US $5 only and start signing your PDF documents with ease.

Transparent PNG Signature Digital Asset

Get yourself a Transparent PNG Signature Digital Asset for US $5 only and start signing your PDF documents with ease.

Billboard Advertisement Design

Billboard advertisements are a tried and tested marketing technique and still continues to be one of the highest marketing spend for businesses

Line Art Caricature

Get a Line Art Caricature of your loved ones and adorn the walls of your home with a beautiful framed rectangular painting with solid black borders.

Fix WordPress White Screen of Death

WordPress White Screen of Death (WSoD) makes your site inaccessible to both administrators and visitors. I offer my service to help you fix WSoD.

Packaging Design Service

Grab your customer's attention with a professionally designed product packaging. Let your product packaging speak for your product.

Logo Design Service

The logo is a crown jewel of your brand. Make sure it represents your vision for your brand or business correctly.

Free SSL Setup Service

Make sure the communication between your website and your customers happens over an encrypted channel secured from hackers.

Fix WordPress Mixed Content

Mixed content refers to a mix of secure and non-secure resources found on a webpage. Order my professional help to fix your mixed content issue.

Visualize Patterns on Clothing

Being able to Visualize Patterns on Clothing without actually having the pattern or artwork printed.

What my clients say

Direct from the horses mouth
Ali Young

Ali Young

Coder, Designer, Educator, Creative Business Owner

"I have been working with sunil for over 5 years. Sunil is my go to guy for all my online needs. He has helped create multiple eBay stores and websites. He has so much knoweledge about web design and eBay. I have worked with many people online for many years and Sunil is by far the best. I know i can always rely on him on any project, be it big or small."

Lysa Kiekow Voge

Lysa Kiekow Voge

ebay store owner / business women

"The storefront and twitter banner designed by Sunil was impeccable and professional. I love it and am so pleased with the work. Thank you!...."

Katie Ratcliffe

Katie Ratcliffe

Illustrator / Designer / Business Women

"Sunil is a professional, a pleasure to work with, and is also very talented. He delivers high quality work both independently and in collaboration with others. I highly recommend him.."

Sunil Chauhan's - Mentor, Friend, Partner, Co-worker Ron Labeau

Ron LaBeau

Internet Marketer / Business Owner

"Sunil's ability to create eBay Stores is amazing. He has great skills and sees the project from the beginning to end. His attention to detail is fantastic and very critical in our business.
I highly recommend Sunil."

Sunil Chauhan's Client - Vijay Anand Sharma

Vijay Anand Sharma

Export Business Owner

"Sunil is excellent at what he does. Our business had a very basic looking static website which was old school and looked like the website of 90's . We wanted to give a fresh new look to our business. Right from the day we hired Sunil for the job, there has not been a day where he may have failed to excite us through his design skills.

He is a pixel perfect guy and hates it if anyone told him to compromise on a mediocre, looking design.

He has helped us achieve consistent branding across different social media platform in addition to building a modern looking website with a functional logo.

He is handling our entire web presence and we are highly satisfied to have him in our team."

Sunil Chauhan's Client - Daniel Rutland

Daniel Rutland

Account Manager @ Durabuilt Products

"With me having zero prior exposure, Sunil's experience in web programming allowed us to enter a new online market and achieve fantastic results in the first 12 months.
He is an efficient worker, and will not only fulfill a design brief provided, but input valuable suggestions for further improvement.
We look forward to working with Sunil more in the future."

Sunil Chauhan's Client - Sundeep Chauhan

Sundeep Chauhan

Member JBTWS Society

"Sunil has an aptitude for website aesthetics and design which makes him stand out from many others. He captures the essence of your requirements quickly and tries his best that the same is reflected in your website. He is a versatile designer with experience using a variety of markup and programming languages. Sunil would be a great hire for any job."

Sunil Chauhan's Client - Miriam Castilla

Miriam Castilla

Effectologiest / Business Women

"Thank you Sunil,
I cannot express how impressed I have been with your generosity & service.
I will be very happy to recommend you at every opportunity and will come straight to you for our next store design.
Please feel welcome to use this as a testimonial on your website etc."


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Avoiding Caching(CSS & JS) During Dev

Learn about Avoiding Caching(CSS & JS) During Dev. When we are constantly making changes to CSS & JS during development, browser caching can be a hindrance. The solution is php's microtime(); function.

The Famous ‘Loop’ in WordPress

When working with real WordPress content, the 'Loop' is one of the most essential parts of WordPress coding paradigm. It helps us loop over content in WordPress like posts, pages and any other custom post types.

Fonts in use.

Fonts in use is a guide I am creating for myself and for anyone who wishes to take font inspiration and see which font is a good fit for a specific design subject.