Hi, My name is Sunil Chauhan. I am glad to have you on my website. I am a creative web consultant. I build eBay stores, WordPress websites and eCommerce stores. I help business with a wide range of service offering ranging from logo design, full business identity design, managing SEO, SEM, SMM, image optimization techniques and presenting a consistent branding of the business across internet and in print media.


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Billboard Advertisement Design

Billboard advertisements are a tried and tested marketing technique and still continues to be one of the highest marketing spend for businesses

Line Art Caricature

Get a Line Art Caricature of your loved ones and adorn the walls of your home with a beautiful framed rectangular painting with solid black borders.

Fix WordPress White Screen of Death

WordPress White Screen of Death (WSoD) makes your site inaccessible to both administrators and visitors. I offer my service to help you fix WSoD.

Fix WordPress Mixed Content

Mixed content refers to a mix of secure and non-secure resources found on a webpage. Order my professional help to fix your mixed content issue.

Visualize Patterns on Clothing

Being able to Visualize Patterns on Clothing without actually having the pattern or artwork printed.

Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt

Make sure the communication between your website and your customers happens over an encrypted channel secured from hackers.

Logo Design Service

The logo is a crown jewel of your brand. Make sure it represents your vision for your brand or business correctly.

Packaging Design Service

Grab your customer's attention with a professionally designed product packaging. Let your product packaging speak for your product.


the place where I share my ideas.

Loss of Binocular Vision

Diagnosed with Loss of Binocular Vision due to Posterior Capsule Opacification in left eye for which I had a catract surgery 3 years ago in Jan of 2016. Learn about my challenges and how I see the world from just one eye now until I get this corrected via laser procedure called YAG.

WordPress for eCommerce

WordPress is undeniably the platform of choice if you are looking for an eCommerce website solution that will grow as your business grows. Learn why hosted version of WordPress is the best scalable solution for eCommerce business.

Brand Guidelines PDF

Ever wondered how the big brands keep their consistent brand look and feel across different departments, digital & print mediums ? Brand Style Guide is the secret.

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