Regained my Binocular Vision

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Regained my Binocular Vision

Regained my Binocular Vision

Today I visited Eye Hospital for my scheduled appointment with the eye surgeon for a laser procedure called YAG to be carried out on my left eye that had lost vision due to Posterior Capsule Opacification (PCO)

The YAG Laser Procedure

I made myself available at the eye centre sharp at 3:00 pm and presented my prescriptions and other documents at the reception.
Thereby the receptionist asked me to fill a form and requested for the payment for the YAG laser procedure.

The Cost of YAG Laser Procedure

I had to pay a nominal fee of INR 3500 for the YAG laser procedure carried out in my left eye.
Prior to this on previous Saturday i.e; 08th of June 2019 I had paid a consultation fee of INR 700 which included preliminary checks by various medical professionals at eye centre after which they determined that I would need to undergo YAG laser procedure.
After the YAG laser procedure, I was advised some eye drops for 2 weeks period which again costed me INR 1043.

So following is the breakup of total cost incurred to me for this laser procedure in my left eye.

Consultation on 08/06/2019INR 700
YAG laser procedure on 15/06/2019INR 3525
Medication/eye dropsINR 1043
Net Total CostINR 5268

The preparation of eye for the Retina check

After the payment was done, I was asked to sit on a chair and an attendant brought some eye drops and started administering them to both of my eyes. He poured three drops at an interval of 10 minutes each. The purpose of these eye drops was to get my eyes dilated.

Once the eyes were dilated, I was sent for the retina check. Inside the doctor’s chamber after performing the checks on my both eyes, the doctor confirmed that my retina was perfectly fine and I breathed a sigh of relief. I was then asked to move on for the YAG laser procedure.

The YAG Laser Procedure

The YAG laser procedure involved a machine similar to any other machine you might have seen at an eye centre where you place your chin over chin support and the doctor can see your eye from other ends via machine. This, however, included a laser apparatus as well.
I placed my chin over the machine and my head was tied firmly via wrapping strap so that my head stayed firmly without any movement during the procedure.
After that doctor applied something to my left eye that felt wet soothing in my eye and began the laser procedure. It was basically a 5-minute job for him and I could hear the sound of some clicks which felt as if the sound was coming from the inside of my eye.
Basically, the idea is to cut off the overgrown posterior capsule that holds the lens of the eye in the place and make way for the light to enter and pass through the lens to correct the vision.

The feeling after regaining my vision in the left eye

For the past few weeks, I was really struggling with the vision in my left eye. It was deteriorating day by day and I was not even able to see a car passing my on road from my left eye if I closed my right eye.
The world was becoming blurry for me and I was only dependent on the vision from my right eye which is 6/6 by God’s grace.

Due to this loss of vision in my left eye, I noticed I started becoming conscious and was afraid of making mistakes at my work particularly while working with numbers.

Thoughts were running through my head as to what future would hold for me if this is how I would have to live. My dreams of being able to code & design on computers had a new challenge and roadblock that was making me depressed. I saw a lot of decline in the level of confidence I used to have on myself.

After the successful YAG laser procedure, I began seeing things back like normal through my left eye. The feeling was incredible. The cars, the people on streets which was blurred to me earlier when viewed from just my left eye began to look like normal again. I began appreciating the value of sight we all are born with even more now.

I am back with a renewed sense of energy and confidence now. Thanks to the advances in medical science that things like such have become an affair of the 5-min procedure.

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