Volkswagen Brand refresh 2019

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Volkswagen Brand Refresh 2019

Volkswagen Brand refresh 2019

Volkswagen Brand Refresh 2019 is one of the largest projects of this type in the industry worldwide. This is in-depth coverage on Volkswagen 2019 Rebranding.

Volkswagen unveiled its new refreshed brand identity through a press release dated 09/09/19.

The Volkswagen Rebranding

The strategic foundations for the new brand design were not laid by external agencies but by a joint team of Volkswagen Design and Marketing. The design was implemented with the full integration of all departments of the company in the record time of nine months using a powerhouse concept developed by Volkswagen, especially for this purpose. A total of 19 internal teams and 17 external agencies were involved in the project.

Volkswagen’s rebranding is one of the largest projects of this type in the industry worldwide. All in all, 171 markets are concerned. At the 10,000 facilities of dealers and service partners throughout the world, about 70,000 logos will be replaced.

Volkswagen Brand Refresh 2019

At the start of the 2019 International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, the Volkswagen brand presented its new logo and brand design. This world premiere marks the start of a new era for Volkswagen, accompanied by the presentation of the full-electric ID.3¹ at the same time. The realignment of Volkswagen’s brand design is one of the world’s largest rebranding campaigns.

The global changeover is to be implemented using a cost-optimized, resource-conserving approach. Initially, the brand’s locations and dealers in Europe will be changed over, followed by China in October. The changeover will then be implemented step-by-step in North and South America as well as the rest of the world from the beginning of 2020. The roll-out is to be completed by the middle of next year.

“Over the past few years, the Volkswagen brand has fundamentally realigned itself. At Volkswagen, the future is electric, fully connected and will have a carbon-neutral balance. We have taken and implemented bold decisions in almost all areas of its activities. The comprehensive rebranding is the logical consequence of our brand’s strategic reorientation. It marks the start of a new era for Volkswagen.”

Volkswagen Brand Board Member for Sales, Marketing and After Sales
Volkswagen Moving Frame

Formerly, the Volkswagen logo was shown in a fixed position in the bottom right-hand corner of every advertisement and other communication. The new ‘moving frame’ offers greater flexibility. The ‘moving frame’ will move nimbly across our digital user interfaces, taking the logo with it. It will always be shown in the most effective position This will mean that the new logo can also be displayed effectively on smaller devices.

Volkswagen Sound Logo

The Volkswagen brand is not only changing in visual terms but also acoustically. Instead of a brand claim, the brand will have a powerful sound for the future for the first time – the sound logo. This will also make the Volkswagen brand distinctive in acoustic terms. This sound will be heard not only in the vehicle but also in Volkswagen’s communications such as TV and radio commercials. External communications and the product experience in the vehicle will be integrated.

The new visual language of the brand will be bolder and more colorful with a stronger focus on people.

The new brand visual language will be much bolder, more powerful, more colorful and more natural than in the past. The images are to create topics and tell stories focusing on people and society in their diversity and colorfulness. The main focus will not be on products but on the people who live with the products.

The presentation of the vehicles will also change. It will no longer be necessary to show the entire vehicle and to ensure perfect lighting as was often the case in the past. The objective is to show realistic, authentic situations that customers can identify with.

The new visual language applies to all Volkswagen models whether they are powered by internal combustion engines or are part of the new ID. family. They will all be presented harmoniously as part of the Volkswagen brand despite their detail differences. Different realms of images will be created for different product categories more colorful with a stronger focus on people.

female brand voice

For several decades, Volkswagen has used a male voice to present its vehicles and for advertising purposes. The brand is now to become female. On almost all markets, a woman with a warm, pleasant and confident voice will speak for Volkswagen.

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