Dimensions Labelling of a Box with Arrowheads in Photoshop

Dimensions Labelling of a Box with Arrowheads in Photoshop

Dimensions Labelling of a box with Arrowheads in Photoshop

Ever felt like a need to communicate the precise dimensions of a box or the product you have. Well, there is a handy technique in photoshop that you can use to achieve just that.

Step 1.

Select the line tool from the tools navigation panel in photoshop. We will use the line tool in photoshop to create our arrowheads for dimension labelling.

Step 2

Once you click the line tool, a settings gear icon will appear in the top ribbon of photoshop. Click the settings gear icon and make sure that you check the “Start” & “End” checkboxes under the “Arrowheads”. This will make arrowheads at both ends of the line. You can keep additional settings like weight and thickness just like mine or play around with them to see what works for you.

Step 3

Now simply click and drag with your mouse or using Wacom pen tablet to draw the line with arrowheads on both ends. Make sure you draw the lines along the perspectives of the box.

Step 4.

Finally, use the type tool of Photoshop to write the dimensions along the length, width and height of the box.

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