Fonts in use.

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Fonts in use

Fonts in use.

What is “Fonts in use”?

Fonts in use is a guide I am creating for myself and for anyone who wishes to take font inspiration and see which font is a good fit for a specific design subject.

This font repository will have an image of the design and the font used in that design along with the download links for that specific font. This way you will instantly be able to download the font to use in your particular design scenario.

I will only include free fonts in this guide & will keep updating this every time I encounter a font that looks stunning on a particular design case scenario.

Use Case: Food/Beverage

Intro Rust Free is a grunge, script and display sans font collection published by Fontfabric.

This font is a great option to try if you are experimenting on some design work for food and beverages. It combines seamlessly with food elements and gives an aesthetically pleasing professional look on a graphic. Food & Beverage Type Archive from is a great resource if you wish to do some more mood boarding for fonts for Food & Beverage specific designs.

For a wide range of inspiration on Type is a great place.

To experiment with free google font pairing check out Fonts Toolkit for Graphic Designers

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