Hi! My name is Sunil Chauhan. Thank you for stopping by my website. If you are keen to know who I am then, you are on a right page.

I took my first baby step into the world of web design/development in the August of 2012 after having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information technology. What drew me towards this stuff…? I always wanted to be in some sort of creative field where I could design and build something. It was during this time I noticed several creative professionals sharing their vast experiences and knowledge on their youtube channels.

One such youtube channel that I first started learning from was “1stoptutorials” owned by Mr Ali Young ( https://www.youtube.com/user/1stoptutorials ). I followed up all the courses he has on offer on his channel and started getting into regular discussions with him on the internet. It was on one fine day while I was having a chat with Ali on Gmail, that he asked me if I would like to help him and his partner Ron Labeau to help build a business they had in their mind. I instantly agreed considering that it would be the best way to put my acquired knowledge to use and sharpen my skills even more and thus “AuctionProTemplates” ( http://www.auctionprotemplates.com ) was born.


At AuctionProTemplates we help sellers on eBay build their custom branded storefront and product listings and help them increase their revenue by providing them professional know-how of doing business on eBay. Selling on eBay or any online marketplace is all about presentability. It’s how you shoot your product pictures and how you refine and optimize them for showcasing them to your customers to creating a smooth path for your customer to find your product in eBay searches and then navigate them to your product listing page and then eventually to your custom branded storefront and then project a strong memorable branding that leaves a lasting impact on your customer.

Aside from “AuctionProTemplates” Ali & Ron has taken this professional help to one step ahead by creating a podcast show called “SoYouWannaSellonEbay” ( http://soyouwannasellonebay.com ) where they interview eBay top rated sellers in pursuit to gather knowledge on how they build their eBay business and share it with the community of people who are just starting out to build their own businesses.


In the August of 2016, I was hired by an export business based in New Delhi to build them a new business identity. I have currently moved to their office and helping them build a web presence. My role here involves building a system which would enable them to get their products in front of prospective buyers world over. Following are the domains I am working for this business: Design / Coding / SEO / SMM / Analytics / Adword Campaigns / Email Marketing


If you have a project in mind and would like to discuss it with me then fill up a form down below.