PVR Brand Story

PVR Brand Story

PVR Brand Story is a comprehensive researched story on the brand’s history and Identity development process. Read on to learn important nuggets of information on how the business developed such an impeccable identity and loyalty among its customers.

Shed Baron Logo Design Process

So, here is my Aussi client’s new logo for his shed business. The client changed the name of his business from GardenShedsOnline to ShedBaron and hence a new logo had to be done. The greatest challenge with this logo was that it had to fit into the same design that I had worked out for this site while its name was different. Also since Client dealt with Garden Sheds which are high quality and symmetrical Read more…

My first professional logo design that sold and the story behind it.

I have been intrigued and had developed fascination in graphic design ever since I started freelancing doing mostly coding jobs. The design was something I knew could make or break your startup or company. I realized that no matter how good and functional your online website is, without solid design work on your branding you would just struggle to make a mark and earn a name for yourself. With these learning, I knew I have Read more…