The Client

Coppersmith Creations is a manufacturer and exporter of copper bathtubs, copper sinks & kitchen fixtures.


Coppersmith Creations wanted a wordmark to represent their business. Logo was required to be modern and should be able to communicate the aesthetics of luxury which their products symbolized. The colors to be chosen should be something that strikes instant identification with the metal copper.

The Process

I looked through several of their products including bathtubs, sinks, kitchen sinks, to get the sense of color, texture & aesthetics that the wordmark needs to communicate.

I noticed that their products had a unique characteristic metallic copper shine. I now knew that I wanted the logo to have a copper metal gradient and began my work to hunt the perfect metallic copper gradient. I found an image of a wall clock that was made of copper and had a perfect copper metallic finish that I could use to create the gradient.

The next step was to choose the typography for the wordmark. I wanted to communicate the following properties of copper metal and the products they were making using the typography:

  • Malleability ( able to be hammered or pressed into shape without breaking or cracking. )
  • Ductility ( ability to be hammered thin or stretched into wire without breaking )
  • The smooth curves of the copper bathtubs and sinks.
  • Luxury and aesthetics that these fixtures offer.

I narrowed down my choice to following two fonts for the wordmark

  • Clearline : This font had nice curves that I was looking to incorporate to represent properties of malleability. I choose this font to write the fist half of the brand name i.e.; Coppersmith.
  • JosefinSans-Thin: This font was best fit to represnt the properties of ductility, luxury & aesthetics. I used it to write the 2nd half of the brand name i.e.; Creations.

The Final Result

The unique letter C in the wordmark was created by scaling just the letter C of word Coppersmith such that the baseline of C in word Coppersmith matches with the baseline of word Creations.
This was an intentional move as I wanted to create an icon / favicon that was tightly integrated in the logo itself. This will further be used in several places on web including social media DP, website favicon etc.

Logo printed on a piece of copper metal to see how it will look on the actual metallic product.


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