Landlord Life Logo Design

This is my submission for a logo design contest on

Industry: Real Estate & Mortgage

Landlord Life Logo Design
The logo version with the icon and name in vertical arrangement.

The Brief

Landlord Life is a property management software for landlords to manage their own rental properties. The software aims to help property owners to be more organized and save time. It will help them to know their financial status and provide them with a scheduler, reports, file storage – securely. This will give them peace of mind and save them money.

Style Attributes

Balance of classic & modern.
More mature than youthful.
More Feminine than Masculine.
More Sophisticated than Playful.
Balance of Economical & Luxurious.
Balance of Geometric & Organic.
Balance of Abstract & Literal.

The logo version with icon and name in a horizontal arrangement.
Significance of icon L shapes
Significance of L shapes of the icon.
Font choice to make the logo more sophisticated and modern.
Colour choices for the logo.


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