This is the final version of the logo design after various design exploration that I worked through and which are listed below.

Uttarakhand Logo Design Contest

In the August of 2017 Uttarakhand Tourism hosted a design contest for a cash price of Rs 1,50,000 on www.whatsurskill.com. The challenge was to create a new identity for Uttarakhand, a state in northern India crossed by the Himalayas, known for its Hindu pilgrimage sites.

Brand Attributes

Based on the creative brief aside I wrote down following brand attributes that I would represent in the logo.

  • Fascinating wildlife.
  • Land of gods.
  • Hindu Pilgrimage.
  • Holy rivers.
  • Magnanimous Himalayas
  • Stunning green landscapes

Icon Ideas

I explored the possibility of representing the state via negative shape of the outline of state’s map punched into a square

outline of map of Uttarakhand

Another Icon Idea

I read about the bird called Himalayan Monal which happens to be the state bird of the Uttarakhand. Found an image of it on the internet.

Idea was to vectorize it and use it to represent the fascinating wildlife brand attribute that I had written from the creative brief.

The Icon Vectors

Uttarakhand map punched into a solid square shape

I somehow wanted to integrate both of these icons into the final logo mark that would represent the state of Uttatakhand.

Himalayan Monal, the state bird of Uttarakhand vectorized.


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