Logo Design Service


Get a professionally designed logo for your brand or business. The logo is a crown jewel of your brand. This is what you and your business are going to get recognized by. Make sure you have invested both time and money to get this right to ensure the success of your business

The deliverables of your logo kit shall be as follows:

  • Adobe Illustrator Logo Source File.
  • Copyright Transfer Agreement.
  • Logo SVG format (Scalable Vector Graphic)
  • Logo PNG format
  • Logo PDF format
  • Use case Mockups (usage on t-shirts, caps, mugs, stationary)
  • Favicon usage.
  • Fonts files.
  • Logo Usage Guidelines


Logo Design Service

Once you order a professional logo design service from this logo design service page listing, I’ll get notified of your request and will get back to you over email in a couple of hours to gather more information from you about your brand or business.

After receiving an initial brief from you, I would start the research work to develop some mood boards, sketches, colour scheme & typography choices.

I might get in touch with you multiple times during the process over email or phone to gather some more information that might further help me to develop the identity solution for you.

After a couple of days of research and mood boards, I would then move on to creating a finished product in Adobe Illustrator.

Lead Time

Ideally the more time I would put into the work the better the finished product is going to be. So I would expect that you are not in too much of a hurry. As someone rightly said hurry always spoils the curry. This is going to be a crown jewel of your brand. So the more love you allow the creative person to put into this the better long lasting the end result would be. It would be a good return on investment in the long run.

I ideally like to spend a minimum of three weeks on a logo design project. Make sure you can wait for at least this amount of time to get your deliverables.

The deliverables

The deliverables of your logo design kit shall be as follows:

  • 1. Adobe Illustrator Logo Source File.
  • 2. Copyright Transfer Agreement.
  • 3. Logo SVG format (Scalable Vector Graphic)
  • 4. Logo PNG format
  • 5. Logo PDF format
  • 6. Use case Mockups (usage on t-shirts, caps, mugs, stationary)
  • 7. Favicon usage.
  • 8. Fonts files.
  • 9. Logo Usage Guidelines



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